You thought we were kidding right? No way! Here's our debut in three formats - LP, CD and Cassette. Check out the different band pics and slight design variations in each format! Plus a badge, and a poster, and a download code. All in a limited numbered box. Only 50 of these suckers. Perhaps by the time we release these we'll have a little zine, or a sticker in there too, but that could just us being unrealistic. As opposed to us having a box set to sell. 

You Don't Have Time To Stay Lost - Pre-Order Deluxe Box Set

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  • Lovingly made, pressed and presented from us, to you. Thanks for even reading this stuff. Hell, if you are reading this, let us know and we'll buy you a drink the next time we see eachother. That's the kind of dedication that should be rewarded. I really should help my kid with their homework......